Harbour to home

Our business is built on trust. To us, traceability is not an option. It’s a demand. Our sustainable harvesting traditions run way deeper than the cold clear waters we fish. Trust, traceability, tradition – this trinity ensures we always deliver superior seafood, responsibly harvested and carefully processed, from harbour to home.

What’s in a name?

Babord. The guardian.

Babord comes from the old Norse word bakborð – meaning ‘rear board’ – but which came to mean much more to our seafaring forefathers. On the traditional boats, the steering oar was found on the starboard side of the vessel – while the bakborð – was located behind the helmsman. Thus, the mariner working the rear board – the Babord – was trusted to have the captain’s back, and was essentially the guardian of the vessel.

As guardians of these Norwegian seafaring traditions, we have taken the name Babord.

Our Marque

A promise kept

The fisherman’s wife represents the unsung bauta of the Norwegian fishing tradition. She is the constant. An icon of tradition and trust. She embodies security, warmth and strength: the caring symbol of home. Babord® together with the fisherman’s wife represent the safe haven. It is a marque of reassurance and a promise long kept.

The Babord Group

A short history

The Group’s maritime origins stretch back to 1914 with the purchase of the first fishing vessel and to shipbuilding in the early 20th century. Since these days, our passion for the sea has driven us to go even further through our engagement in processing and distribution of value added seafood products.

Babord Seafood

Tailored Premium Seafood

Babord Seafood is passionate about offering premium seafood products to customers worldwide. Our processing operations are centrally located to serve the markets in Europe and beyond. With processing lines for salmon, white fish and breading, our modern facilities have capacity to meet a wide variety of customer demands. All products are handled with great care following the regulations of BRC, IFS, ISO and HAACP. With our well-equipped facilities, we can tailor all products to customers’ specifications and deliver them in a broad variety of packaging options, both fresh and frozen.

Babord Pure AS

Babord's Processing Plant

Our seafood processing plant located on the west coast of Norway has the capacity to produce a daily output of 40 tons of salmon. The Facility is designed to operate all-year-round production, utilizing a two-shift system.
The fresh salmon produced by the factory can be distributed to various destinations worldwide, and with its strategic location, the factory can provide easier access to raw materials, enabling efficient and cost-effective production processes.
Additionally, the factory plans to extend its operations to include production of premium whitefish products.

Babord VAP Sp. Z o.o.

Value-added Production

Currently, all our seafood processing takes place at our factory in Darlowo, Poland – located in the heart of Europe. The factory’s capacity is considerable, and at total production, we can produce 30,000 tonnes of salmon, 10,000 tonnes of whitefish and 3,000 tonnes of breaded products.


Email: vap@babord.no


Babord VAP Sp. Z o.o.

Rusko 18A

76-150 Darlowo, Poland



Guardians of Tomorrow

Babord focuses on traceability and sustainability throughout the supply chain. Open, transparent and answerable to the next generation, we put sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Through our relentless focus on sustainability, we hope to become the guardians of tomorrow, thereby making the future a safe haven for the coming generations.

1st of July 2022, the Transparency Act entered into force. The Act shall promote enterprises’ respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and the provision of services and ensure the general public access to information regarding how enterprises address adverse impacts on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions (The Norwegian Consumer Authority, 2023).

Babord Group must comply with the Transparency Act and the requirements for conducting due diligence assessments and accounts for these publicly, in line with OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible business conduct (OECD, 2018).

Click here to read more about the Transparency Act.

Babord Catch

Sustainable Harvesting

Our fish originate from the cold clear waters of the North East Atlantic, where Babord Catch owns and operates purse seiners/pelagic trawlers and white fish trawlers. These vessels and their crews operate in one of the world’s most challenging environments and have continually proven themselves capable of delivering quality fish. Indeed, our dedicated crews are among the most experienced in the Norwegian fishing industry and take pride in maintaining tradition in today’s high-tech industry.

Our sustainable harvesting traditions are deeper than the cold clear waters we fish.
Babord Industries

Building Trust

Babord Industries offers a complete range of high quality shipyard solutions from new builds through to conversions, repairs and maintenance. Our conveniently located and compact shipyards at Raudeberg and Måløy enable us to offer innovative and contemporary solutions. Our long and proud history has given us many valuable experiences, and we draw on them today to meet the most challenging opportunities in the maritime sector. Our values are founded on the principles of quality, pride, and co-operation. Our people are key to everything we do and we work closely with our suppliers, other shipyards and our local community to deliver the best service for all our customers.


Harbour to home

The real value of owning the value chain


    Our modern, highly specialised shipyards provide access to the full range of services required to complete new builds, conversions and repairs to modern fishing vessels.


    We focus on traceability and sustainability throughout the supply chain. To catch our fish, we own and operate purse seiners and trawlers.


    With processing lines for salmon, white fish and breading, our modern facilities have the capacity to meet a wide variety of customer demands.


    We are passionate about offering premium seafood products tailored to our customers specifications, delivered in a broad variety of packaging options, fresh and frozen.


    Our passion for seafood has driven us to go one step further with our engagement in the distribution of value added seafood products to the benefit of all our customers.