A fishing community. An island home.

Home is more than a place. Home is what made us. Home is who we are. And when you live on an island, home is part land, part sea. It is rock and water – and they combine to shape the character of the people.


Babord is headquartered in Måløy, a fishing community on the island of Vågsøy, just off Norway’s rugged coast. For generations, the traditional boats of Vågsøy have put out to sea, bearing west past the distinctive Kannesteinen rock to the fishing grounds of the North Atlantic. Then days later, often many days later, the boats laden with the catch would return home, guided by the lighthouse at Kråkenes to the safety of the harbour once more.

With the knowledge, passion and expertise of generations, we’re stronger together.

Today, Babord is proud of this heritage and this island home, and the islanders remain passionate about the continued success of the business. They are boat builders and fishing people raised with the open sea as both their neighbour and provider.

In return, Babord cares for the local community and seeks to create prosperity for the town, its people and the region. Indeed, our mission is to develop solid and sustainable companies that help to benefit ALL the communities in which we operate. We believe our presence should always make a difference.



Måløy sits on the shores of Ulvesundet Sound on the island of Vågsøy, and is joined to the mainland by a 1,224 metre long bridge, an impressive structure that forms a majestic gateway for all sea-going traffic. Some 6,000 people live on Vågsøy where the economic mainstays are fishing, fish-farming and shipbuilding.