A safe haven. An unpredictable sea.

The Babord journey begins in the harbour, the safe haven at the heart of our island community. But beyond, lies the unpredictable sea with its riches and risks. A harvest that will be hard won.


The Babord journey begins here in the harbour, the safe haven at the heart of our island community. From these sheltered moorings, countless fishing boats have headed out to sea down through the ages, captains and crew standing strong, their eyes fixed on the west horizon – their thoughts fixed on the hard challenges ahead – as the lights of home slowly dim behind them.

For out there, in the North Atlantic, the unpredictable sea awaits. The freezing north wind and to wering crashing waves will all be sent to test the mettle of these Norwegian mariners. The catch will not be taken easily. It will be battle of wits and nerve. The nets will be hauled aboard through the longest, darkest nights. And then when the hard work is done, the captain will make his call – and point the bow for home and sanctuary.

A safe haven
An unpredictable sea.

Returning to the longed for safety of the harbour, the fisherman’s work is over for another day. But for his hard-won catch, the journey is just beginning. This is the journey to the dinner plate. The long journey to bring the fresh fish from our home to yours.

Tradition and trust are combined to deliver a promise of quality from harbour to home.